Today I am very excited to launch our new community sharing platform for all members. Jam Circle is a modern, adaptable forum-style website that is designed to serve as a companion to the “Secrets of Solo” online courses, connect our Members with chat and sharing facilities, and provide a place where I can interact and provide direct feedback to you, my awesome members!

If you are a Member here, your account will automatically work on the Jam Circle platform.

  • All premium members get full access to Jam Circle
  • Basic members can view all of the content on Jam Circle, but have limited permissions to create and interact on the platform.

Need an Account?

With a free or premimum membership you can access Jam Circle, receive special offers, tips and updates from Ksenia

Membership Options

There are quite a few exciting ways that we can use this new platform.

  • Personal, direct feedback can be provided in the “Ksenia’s Feedback” room, where you can upload videos of your prgress and get feedback! Or you can ask me anything!
  • Connect with your friends and share your knowledge, ideas, and progress!
  • Dive deeper into the “secrets of Solo” online courses with online guides that provide finer detail. Ask questions about the classes and get feedback!
  • “The Kitchen” is a place where you can share your own choreos, practice routines, choreos and collaborate with other members
  • Get quick, detailed answers to your accounts, billing, website, and technical isssues

In the near future, I will be running Live Q&A sesions with built-in Live Chat. I feel that this community has so much to offer, and I very much want to create ways of connecting with all of you.

This is a new platform, so some patience will be required to allow the content to build. You can help right now by heading over to “Our Jam Circle” board and introduce yourself. If you have suggestions, we’d love to hear what you think!