Ksenia started her career as a bodyart model in 2011. She has worked with various artists but primarily with her sister, Evgenia Parhatskaja. Combining their talent, these sisters create unique Dance & Body art fusion performances.


From 2011–2014 Evengina and Ksenia have represented Sweden at the world’s foremost bodyart event, the World Bodypainting Festival.

In 2011 Ksenia and Evgenia won the Best Show award for Ksenia’s outstanding dance performance. The following year Ksenia was awarded Model of the Year at the same awards. Evgenia is currently No.1 in Sweden (1prize Swedish BodyArt Championship) and No. 3 in the world at BodyArt(is there a prize to accompany this?). She has been a part of numerous cultural, fashion and art events throughout Sweden and internationally:

Save the Rhino – Conservation Gala Dinner with Swedish crown princess Victoria
Amelia- magazine cover (Sweden)
Bridal Magazine cover (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland)
Cafe Opera Fashion Show (Sweden)
ATG Production V75 (catalog + video)
TV4 Nyhetsmorgon (live, featured 5 times)
Swedish ink master tv production team
Gothic Life Style Magazine – cover (Germany)
Mera Luna- fashion show (Germany)

World Bodypainting Festival 2013

Austria, Poetschach am Woertersee

5th in the world in the category “brush and sponge”. Ksenia Parkhatskaya also was awarded as the “Model of the Year”