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Graceful, eccentric, and full of character, Ksenia is one of the most interesting and versatile artists in the jazz and swing world today.

Whether she is twisting crazy “cow tail” in Charleston, dancing to be-bop, swinging out in Lindy Hop or singing with orchestras, she imbues everything she does with unique style and artistry.

She exploded onto the swing scene at Harlem 2011(Vilnius), in the solo jazz dance battle, and claiming many crowns since, but she has been in training as a professional ballroom dancer since 1996, as an actor, modern jazz dancer since 2005. She has a true mastery over different genres, underpinned by a singer’s understanding of musicality and an historian’s appreciation of authenticity. A true artist, she isn’t afraid to embrace controversial material, and she has been invited to perform her inimitable choreography at the most respected tap, swing and jazz events in Europe.

Ksenia is performing solo with internationally recognised big bands and trios such as: Christian McBride Trio (US), Georgyi Garanyan Big Band (Rus), Gentlemen & Gansters (Swe), Funk/Jazz Trio (Swe), Dave Duffy Quintet (Ireland), Soul Driven (Ireland). She creates choreographies for TV and films such as: So You Think You Can Dance’15 (Rus), Ukrain’s Got Talent’13 (Ukraine), Harbinez TV series (Rus).

profile photo of Ksenia Parkhatskaya

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— Ksenia

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