Graceful, eccentric, and full of character, Ksenia is one of the most interesting and versatile artists in the jazz and swing world today.

Whether she is twisting crazy “cow tail” in Charleston, dancing to be-bop, swinging out in Lindy Hop or singing with orchestras, she imbues everything she does with unique style and artistry.

She exploded onto the swing scene at Harlem 2011(Vilnius), in the solo jazz dance battle, and claiming many crowns since, but she has been in training as a professional ballroom dancer since 1996, as an actor, modern jazz dancer since 2005. She has a true mastery over different genres, underpinned by a singer’s understanding of musicality and an historian’s appreciation of authenticity. A true artist, she isn’t afraid to embrace controversial material, and she has been invited to perform her inimitable choreography at the most respected tap, swing and jazz events in Europe.

Background & Experience:

Ksenia’s career in dance began with ballroom dancing. She trained and competed from 1996–2003 throughout Russia. By 2000, she and her partner were rated third in the country.

Musical Theater

From 2005–2009 she attended the musical theater Uventa (Director – Viktor Nikolaev), where she became one of the company’s leading actresses, studying modern jazz dance, acting technique and directing. During this time, Ksenia developed her dancing, studying with renowned dancers and companies, including Fornier Ortiz (Columbia), Alexandra Beller/Dances (US), and Dance Works Rotterdam (Holland).

Swing & Jazz dance

In 2009 Ksenia discovered Swing Dancing, and she quickly became fluent in the different styles of Lindy Hop, Blues, Balboa, Charleston, and Tap. Through her love and talent for this dance she built her way up into being an internationally recognised jazz dancer, choreographing all of her own pieces. News of Ksenia soon spread, and in 2010 she began travelling the world, teaching, performing and competing in all over Europe. A unique performance at the European Swing Dance Championships – 2012 brought her 1st award in the Solo Blues dance division. Soon after she was placed 1st in Solo Jazz at The Snowball in Stockholm, confirming her versatility as a dancer.

Professional Dance Scene

2012–2014 Ksenia’s expertise in jazz roots led to her coaching dancers of all styles. She was invited to teach an Authentic Jazz course at Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg, Netherlands for Contemporary and Street Dance students. Ksenia became a guest teacher at the most respected tap dance events in Europe: Stockholm Tap Festival and Tap on Barcelona. Recently she coached in Charleston the World Champion breakdance and Hip Hop team TOP 9 Crew from St Petersburg.


During 2012–2014 Ksenia was specially invited to perform Charleston on three national television shows: So You Think You Can Dance (Rus, Ukraine), Ukraine’s Got Talent and Minute of Fame (Rus). During this period Ksenia also choreographed several scenes in TV series Harbinez, starring Danila Kozlovsky, Anna Chipovskaya, and Dina Korzun.

Stage performances with live bands

In 2014 Ksenia performed at the Tsar-Jazz Festival with the legendary Georgy Garanian Orchestra in the grand Festivalnii concert hall in Sochi, host of the winter Olympics ’14. Along with a solo performance as a dancer, Ksenia sang a duet with vocalist Michael Mwenso (US, Harlem), a resident of the Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York.

For the event of Frankie Manning Centennial Ksenia choreographed revolutionary modern swing dance to a virtuoso jazz bassist Christian Mc Bride and his Big Band tune “In a Hurry”.That led to one of the biggest acquaintances that happened in Kassel Staatsteater with Christian McBride Trio. Ksenia had an honor to perform with the famous Trio on stage.

photo of Ksenia Parkhatskaya

Ksenia’s Vision

Currently Ksenia is living in Berlin, but she continues to teach and perform all over the world from Ireland to China and she is invited to her homeland to choreograph Charleston/House routine for the Russian version of the hit TV dance show So You Think You Can Dance. She also has a theatrical dance project of her own coming up next year.

Ksenia spent several years developing an authentic aesthetic of swing and jazz dance. This has allowed her to take her dancing to new unexplored areas. She is presently experimenting with modern and contemporary jazz, fusing various styles to give solo jazz dance a new voice.

Her style influences female dancers to be impressive and powerful yet elegant and feminine. Strongly believing in creativity and personality in dance, Ksenia inspires people all over the world to use the knowledge and technique to develop one’s own style.

portrait photo of Ksenia Parkhatskaya

profile photo of Ksenia Parkhatskaya

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