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Faceeverything andrise

When life is ruledby fear,there are nowinnerswe allloose

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FEAR is a song and music short produced by Ksenia Parkhatskaya

What is "FEAR" about?

My song is about fear with its many faces and it’s destructive power. The film presents this struggle between ego and fear, and asks us at the end to recognise and rise above it.

When life is ruled by fear, there are no winners, we all lose. Acting out of fear, we build a world of evil, misleading ourselves that this is for the good.

Putting in front of the eyes and heart, a shield and sword of identities. We ran with almighty power to slit throats on the way cutting whoever might be unlucky to be around. One might wonder… really, why?

For all the many reasons there are, in its core they are masks for the deep and throbbing fear.

.. all we are and all we will ever want is love.

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"Rose & Blue is a song about death portrayed as transcendence of physical body shelter into pure energy that is now on a journey to the “home” of lights, where all splits and unites. It's not about the end of something, but the beginning or just eternity of everything. And…. there is always someone to stay behind and let go"

— Ksenia
Dedicated to Vera Parkhatskaya,loving mother and beautiful soul.
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by Ksenia Parkhatskaya

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