Dance is the most joyous form of expression for me. Dance helps me find the beat and the rhythm of my life. The freedom I feel in my body when I hear a piece of music is the thing that inspires me to keep learning and keep going.

Dancing my way

Dance, a universal and most honest language, is my way to communicate the love for life, joy as well as sadness and pain. Jazz became my major passion through which I discovered my personal voice. Developing my own dance language I take inspiration from music knowledge, theatre, paintings and various dance styles: swing, tap, contemporary and African dances. I find play, musicianship and individuality are the core values in my creations.
Ksenia Parkhatskaya solo jazz dancing in a blue suit



I have taken a decade’s experience of solo dance education and condensed it into over 10 hours of professionally produced video courses. Whether an absolute beginner or experienced dancer you will develop all the fundamentals, techniques, tricks and repertoire you need to take your solo dancing to the next level.
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These are my most recent video productions. Take a look at the gallery of my dance works & pictures in the About Me. Enjoy and stay tuned!

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