Sshow Colours premiere at Symphonie dete with K Quintet

"How Long" jazz single and lyrics by Ksenia Parkhatskaya

  "How Long?" the jazz ballad is a story in a song about anam cara, timeless love at first sight and the connection through space between two people. You can find the song on all platforms (click the icon)

image from the animation to Ksenia Parkhatskaya music single Rose and Blue

Animation and Song "Rose and Blue" (2020)

Animation and song "Rose and Blue" was released in the midst of the global lockdowns in Spring 2020. An artistic mind finds it hard to “go on lockdown”, so we found a way to keep creating across the borders, through the distance from our homes. "Rose and Blue" animation is created in collaboration with award-winning German animators Julie Boehm…

singer songwriter ksenia parkhatskaya single behind my eyes

Realisation of self. Song "Behind My Eyes"

I wrote "Behind My Eyes" song 3 years ago. Thought it feels like yesterday. This times I feel we are more divided than ever. Yet we so easily forget that everything about us is a chance. By chance we happened to be dropped into this body of this shape and colour, in this or that place and situation. The story of "Behind My Eyes" song. Who am I?…

Charleston dancer Ksenia Parkhatskaya

5 best Charleston dance videos by Ksenia Parkhatskaya

Ksenia Parkhatskaya is the most viewed 20s Charleston dancer. Discover her top 5 Charleston dance videos and choreographies. What is 20s Charleston dance? The Charleston dance had possibly the greatest influence on the American culture. Enslaved Africans brought it from Kongo to Charleston, South Carolina, as the Juba dance, which then slowly…

solo jazz dance by Ksenia Parkhatskaya and K Quintet

New look on solo jazz dance by Ksenia Parkhatskaya and K Quintet

Ksenia Parkhatskaya, dancer, singer and choreographer is constantly pushing the boundaries of solo jazz dance. Here is a new look on jazz with a  new single “Something Else” for K Quintet project created with her husband, bassist and composer David Duffy. K Quintet jazz band Led by world-renowned Russian dancer Ksenia Parkhatskaya on vocals and…